We will take you on an UNFORGETTABLE boat cruise around Durban. Isle of Capri Cruises

Isle of Capri Cruises

We will take you on an UNFORGETTABLE trip around Durban. Durban Harbour is the Biggest and busiest harbour in the southern hemisphere. There is so much to see, that the trip would seem shorter, than what it was. We will show you enormous ships up close. We will also ensure that you spend an informative hour on the boat. We also show visitors the different docking points, Cargo Loading Areas and Durban’s famous North Pier, where large cargo vessels exit the harbour through, what with respect to shipping, is a very narrow channel.

Our knowledgeable staff is well versed on local sea and marine life, and is on hand to discuss and answer, questions in this regard. Owner operator and skipper in charge Bennie, has an unrelenting passion for marine ecology and welcomes the opportunity to inform and educate.

  • The Harbour cruise. We also do sea cruises with Isle of Capri Boats. The harbour tour is very informative.

    Educational and interesting. Outdoor education. Up to 11 passengers.

    Skilled qualified crew.


    No doubt, the best way to view whales and dolphins up close is from a boat. However, by law, you are not allowed to approach 300m of a whale, unless you are aboard a boat permitted by the Department of Marine and Coastal Management.

    Permit holders are all members of the South African Boat- Based Whale Watching Association (SABBWWA) and as such are required to adhere to a strict code of conduct and have undergone training. There are currently only two boat- based whale watching permit holders in Durban, one of which is Isle of Capri.

    Join them on an exhilarating 2 hour cruise into the ocean on their boat "BAFANA" to view one of the world’s most magnificent mammals, the Humpback Whale! Every year, from June to November, whales can frequently be seen off the KwaZulu-Natal coast on their migratory route, from the Southern Oceans to the warmer tropical waters for mating and giving birth, and when they return, heading for the nutrient-rich waters of Antarctica.

    The trip takes you into the Indian Ocean and close to the Mozambican current to view them at close range. Whales are enormous creatures, approximately 15m in length and weighing about 30 tons. They are very inquisitive and often perform spectacular 'breaches' - leaping out of the water, much to the delight of the passengers. If fortunate, you may see a mother feeding or playing with her calf, or siblings jumping and teasing one another, seeking their mother’s attention!

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